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    Pokémon as a harem anime would be gross ngl. The romance factor is already hella upped with Serena's crush. And pretty much all of Pokémon's character development comes from characters learning to be independent while maintaining solid friendships. Ash ending up with a harem would result in all the girls' lives revolving around him, probably to the point of neglecting relationships with other characters (as we saw initially with Serena, though she's grown closer to Bonnie). Why can't we have girls who are just not interested in Ash? It'd be interesting to have a serious girl rival and I'm sure shipping would take off anyway.

    I'm just really against Pokémon going with in-your-face romance. That's not its thing. Pokémon the anime is about friendship and ****, not extensive tales of romance and love triangles. Romantic shipping is for the fans.

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