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    Originally Posted by Anna View Post
    Pokémon as a harem anime would be gross ngl. The romance factor is already hella upped with Serena's crush. And pretty much all of Pokémon's character development comes from characters learning to be independent while maintaining solid friendships. Ash ending up with a harem would result in all the girls' lives revolving around him, probably to the point of neglecting relationships with other characters (as we saw initially with Serena, though she's grown closer to Bonnie). Why can't we have girls who are just not interested in Ash? It'd be interesting to have a serious girl rival and I'm sure shipping would take off anyway.

    I'm just really against Pokémon going with in-your-face romance. That's not its thing. Pokémon the anime is about friendship and ****, not extensive tales of romance and love triangles. Romantic shipping is for the fans.
    Shugo Chara has much better friendship , Humor and character development despite The protagonist having a Harem !!!
    As far as I see , Amourshipping will get boring soon if They just show Serena's feeling.
    Unless off course , Serena face a rival and become jealous .
    Currently everything Normal which is big problem because Pokemon is Anime So Everything here has to beyond Normal .
    Plus , Serena could use some Lover of her own .
    Her crush can allow some interesting character to be born.
    Such as-

    -1) A Cold & rude rival like Paul who's from the same city as Serena and he was her classmet. He act just as coldly as Ash's other main rival However he has one Weakness Call Serena Herself.
    He's been in love with her ever since he first saw her So He get frozen everytime Serena talk & touch him.

    -2) A rival Based on Bullies from classic Japanese Anime who travel with his 2 lakey. At first he will brutally Defect a random trainer and walk away while his 2 lacky butter him. He will notice a lot of ''Couple'' around him and curse them
    Meanwhile Serena trick Ash into going on a Date with Her . While She was busy chosing a dress for herself , Ash encounter that rival bullying a trainer and stand up to him .
    At first That Rival tries intimidate Ash until Serena show up with pouty-face for Ash leaving her along .She grad Ash's arm and pull him creating a ''Date''-like situation.
    It cause a major Breakdown to the rival as he start shouting ''Its so unfair ! A Plain Boy like that going on a Date with a Major Beauty like that while a Handsome boy like me walking alone with this 2 idiot who keep calling me Boss ! Its not fair ''
    He challenge Ash to a battle to vest his anger on him but he get defected by Ash.

    It will be cool & funny to see Character like that.
    Imagine Ash & Gang trying to put a surprise Birthday party to Bonnie and call other rivals for help.
    This 2 weren't interest at all until Serena personally ask them .
    The cold rival get frozen while Bully rival shout '' I WILL PUT THE BIGGEST BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR THAT LITTLE BRAT''
    The True Beauty of Anime

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