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    Pokemon Black 2 Team updated and accurate as of 17/12/2013

    Zekrom L100 Naughty Nature, Choice Band
    Outrage Crunch Fly Bolt Strike
    422 Attack stat, 252 Attack EVs and a lot of investment in Speed
    Traded from Pokemon White

    Reshiram L100 Modest Nature, Choice Specs
    Draco Meteor Blue Flare Earth Power Focus Blast
    404 Special Attack stat, 252 Special Attack EVs and 252 Speed EVs
    Traded from Pokemon White 2

    Kyurem L100 Modest Nature, Leftovers
    Draco Meteor Ice Beam Hail Blizzard
    252 Sp.Atk and 252 Speed EVs
    Traded from Pokemon White 2

    Dialga L100 Mild Nature, Life Orb
    Draco Meteor Ice Beam Thunderbolt Flamethrower
    407 Special Attack stat, investment in HP and Special Attack
    Transferred from Pokemon Platinum

    Palkia L100 Rash Nature, Lustrous Orb
    Spacial Rend Surf Thunder Aura Sphere
    411 Special Attack stat, investment in Special Attack and Speed
    Transferred from Pokemon Platinum

    Latias L100 Calm Nature, Female, Soul Dew
    Dragon Pulse Psyshock Calm Mind Recover
    252 HP and 252 Sp.Def EVs
    Traded from Pokemon White 2


    Naughty Nature Zekrom with 422 Attack stat and 252 Attack EVs traded from Pokemon White Version FTW!!!