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Update on Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge.

Final Update (#2) on Emerald.

  • Arrived in Lilycove City, then went to Mt. Pyre to catch a Meditite.
  • Realized it was Ruby/Sapphire exclusive, so I hacked myself an egg, and out hatched Paladin the Meditite!
  • Started training Paladin up on trainers around Lilycove, and defeated Brendan at the Dept. Store.
  • Defeated Team Aqua at Mt. Pyre, and Paladin evolved into Medicham!
  • Went into the Magm Hideout and defeated Maxie, then he released Groudon.
  • Defeated Team Aqua in their Hideout as well, then surfed to Mossdeep City, where I took down Tate and Liza.
  • Dove into the sea and found the Underwater Cavern, then defeated Archie.
  • Kyogre got released anyway, and I went o Sootopolis City to talk to Wallace, then made my way to the Sky Pillar.
  • Rayquaza calmed down Groundon and Rayquaza, and I then took on the gym.
  • Juan was soloed by Rafflesia's Giga Drain, although his Kingdra was tough as usual.
  • Moved on to Victory Road after a little EV training, and defeated Wally on my way through the cave.
  • Did a bunch of rebattling trainers, then used my Rare Candies to get everyone to L57.
  • After finalizing my movesets, I took on the Elite Four.
  • Sidney was soloed easily by Tyson's Bulk Up + Brick Break.
  • Pheobe was also swept, this time by Paladin's Bulk Up + Shadow Ball.
  • Glacia didn't put up much of a fight either, as Helios swept with Rock Slide.
  • Drake was almost soloed by Craystar, but Salamence took him out, and Rafflesia finished with Sludge Bomb.
  • Finally the Champion, Wallace, was up. He put up a nice fight. Here's the video and play-by-play of the fight:



Elite Four:

Champion Wallace:

Hall of Fame:

Team Scarlet:

Paladin the Impish Medicham, ♀ - L58 @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Pure Power
Moves: Return, Shadow Ball, Hi Jump Kick, Bulk Up
Final Stats: 155/112/122/68/111/137
Elite Four co-MVP, Wallace MVP

Craystar the Naive Crawdaunt, ♂ - L57 @ Mystic Water
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Double-Edge, Swords Dance
Final Stats: 173/146/115/148/72/104

Rafflesia the Sassy Vileplume, ♂ - L57 @ Miracle Seed
Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: SolarBeam, Sleep Powder, Sludge Bomb, Sunny Day
Final Stats: 172/119/110/167/104/87

Tyson the Naive Blaziken, ♂ - L58 @ Charcoal
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Brick Break, Bulk Up, Overheat, Quick Attack
Final Stats: 188/180/104/156/91/143
Hoenn MVP, Elite Four co-MVP

Helios the Docile Solrock - L58 @ Hard Stone
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Psychic, Fire Blast
Final Stats: 177/144/122/92/100/109
Elite Four co-MVP

HM Slaves:

Skarmory - Fly, Cut, Rock Smash [boxed]

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