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Hey guys, I know this is a double post but I wanted to separate this from my update above.

Recall this rule regarding hack/trading Pokemon that are in the regional Pokedex but not your game:
  • You may also trade in ONE Pokémon of your color that is not available in your game as long as it is part of your game's regional Pokédex. This allows you to play with Pokemon that would normally be exclusive to a different game in your region, i.e. Mismagius and Honchkrow in Diamond and Pearl, respectively, as well as Platinum.
    • It must not be higher in level than your weakest Pokemon in your team at the time, or be an egg (the preferred option by far).
    • If you are using an emulator, the Pokemon should definitely be in an egg, unless you are playing Generation I, in which case you may hack it in, as long as it is lower in level than your weakest team member.
I want to clarify an issue regarding this rule that some people have asked about and I have been thinking about for a little while. There are some games that have Pokemon in their regional Pokedex that are not able to be obtained normally until after the challenge has been completed, but are not "version exclusive" per se. For example, the Unova fossil Pokemon in B2/W2, Archen and Tirtouga, can only be revived after beating the Elite Four in B2W2, but are not technically version exclusive, and they have been allowed as hack/trade options under this rule.

I recently realized that this could open the door for other Pokemon in the same boat, so I did some research, and this is the list of Pokemon in each Regional Pokedex that are not available until after the challenge is complete:

Kanto: none
Johto: none
Hoenn: Beldum line
Sinnoh: none
Unova (B2W2 only): Archen line, Tirtouga line, Tympole line, Munna line, Durant, Heatmor, Cryogonal, Stunfisk, Larvitar line, Croagunk line, Carnivine, Tropius, Yanma line, Lickitung line, Igglybuff line, Slakoth line, and the Corphish line.
Kalos: Unknown at this point

These Pokemon will be allowed as possible hack/trades options alongside the true version exclusives, depending on your color. If you want to keep to the in-game stuff, this rule is as always optional.

I will add this list to the first post for easy access.
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