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So, for some weird reason, my Ledian solo game data got erased. For now, I'm gonna have to drop the Ledian solo and return to it at a later time. I will come back for it and destroy everyone with a sucky Bug type, though. For now, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm gonna do...a Seadra solo on Blue.

Name: KoboraX
Pokemon: Seadra
Game: Pokemon Blue

Kill me now.
  • Started the game
  • Hacked in Horsea in place of Squirtle as a starter option to make it fair
  • Owned my rival
  • Got killed by a wild Pidgey >_______>
  • Delivered Oak's Parcel
  • Bubble spammed my way through Viridian Forest until I could only Struggle
  • Absolutely murdered Brock
  • Started complaining a lot about Horsea's shallow movepool early on since I could only rely on Bubble as an attacking move until I got the Water Gun TM from Mt. Moon
  • Finally learned Smokescreen at Lv. 19
  • Got owned twice in Mt. Moon, but managed to get out.
  • Went to Cerulean and beat my rival again
  • Learned another non attacking move. GGs game.
  • Bubblebeam destroyed tons of lives
  • My Horsea evolved when I killed some Dugtrio in Diglett's Cave
  • Cleared out the S.S Anne.
  • Electric types...
  • After getting through Rock Tunnel, Seadra wanted to learn yet another non attacking move.
  • Finally got Seadra set up with a couple of attacking moves once I reached Celadon. Erika stands no chance now
  • Took care of the Rocket Hideout and Pokemon Tower
  • Took the long way to Fuchsia
  • Got Surf and destroyed Koga
  • Returned to Saffron and dealt with Sabrina after Silph Co.
  • Headed back over to Celadon and destroyed Erika
  • Made it over to Cinnabar via Pallet Town and destroyed Blaine
  • Owned Giovanni
  • Owned Victory Road
  • You don't even want to know how bad the Elite Four got destroyed.

Team Zeus (Final)

Trident (Seadra) Lv. 79
Final Stats: 222/148/219/185/196
Moves: Surf, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Double-Edge

I still hate Seadra. It's shallow base of attacking moves in Gen 1 added onto my original hatred since it was annoying being forced to fight Grass types with Bubble and Water Gun. Bubblebeam made things easier, but it's just the fact of the matter that the shallow movepool in terms of attacking moves really bothered me throughout the playthough even though I swept through everything once Horsea evolved. And the reason why my Seadra is Lv. 79 is because I had saved up 6 Rare Candies up until after Lance, then just used them all to become even more overkill.