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Update on Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge.

Update #1 on Platinum.

Name: Red
Rival: Barry
Starter: Turtwig
  • Started with Turtwig, then caught Melody the Kricketot on Route 202 to get me through the first couple gyms.
  • Got Melody to L16 before challenging Roark for Bug Bite, and she evolved into Kricketune!
  • Faced off against Roark and barely won with Bug Bite because of Melody's weakness to Rock.
  • Moved north from Jubilife City to Florama Town, and defeated Mars at the Valley Windworks.
  • Went through Eterna Forest to Eterna City, then caught Paladin the Meditite in Mt. Coronet.
  • Trained him up on trainers I skipped earlier, then took on Gardenia.
  • Melody was very useful here with Bug Bite and I won easily.
  • Used Cut to get in the Old Chateau and caught Vroom the Rotom.
  • Took on the Eterna T.G. Building and defeated Jupiter with some difficulty.
  • Got the Bike, then moved south and through Mt. Coronet to Hearthome City, then backtracked to Wayward Cave.
  • Trained in the cave, then challenged Fantina in the gym.
  • Vroom knew Ominous Wind now, so I won easily.
  • Defeated Barry, then saved in Solaceon Town.

Team Red:

Vroom the Modest Rotom - L31 @ Spooky Plate
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Shock Wave, Confuse Ray, Uproar, Ominous Wind

Paladin the Hardy Meditite, ♂ - L30 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Pure Power
Moves: Return, Force Palm, Confusion, Calm Mind

Melody the Hardy Kricketune, ♀ - L26 @ SilverPowder
Ability: Swarm
Moves: Bug Bite, Slash, Sing, Growl

HM Slaves:

Turtwig - Rock Smash, Flash, Cut

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