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here's what happened...
-waterfall get!
-meadow plate get!
-I went to victory road!
-I faced a blissey at low hp and we TIED! wow! (kod me w/double edge, recoil kod itself)
-I kept moving!
-the torterra was-as expected-hard as hell. grass knot is x1 and thunderbolt is x0
-I beat it
-stupid gabite...
-esacpe rope -> heal -> rechallenge
-gabite beat!
-I kept going
-lady had a gible... 100% chance of using dig... my only chance was (I was at low HP) to max potion then X defend.
-well I won
-finished victory road!

what pichu knows
Thunderbolt: best move by far.
Thunder wave: use it on annoying grass types. not that useful, though...
Sweet kiss: confusion > paralasis, and it works on ground. one problem: 75 accuracy
Grass knot: best only thing on ground types
what I can teach it
Return: good on grass types (pichu's happiness is maxed)
Toxic: does this really need an explanation?

so... what should I enter the E4 with?
Completed Chalenges on Pokémon Pearl
Electric Monotype
No-Catch Challenge hard mode
Pichu Solo Run (post-game)
Budew Solo Run
Azurill Solo Run
friend safari: Bug (Paras, Vivilion, Masquerain) FC 2621-2615-8242
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