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Hi Toto, I'm always glad to see you
Hi slysunshine! I'm happy that you joined!
And hi to everyone else too, I'm doing great

What is the best thing about Ash?
His personality, of course. Ash is the most sweetest and kind person in the whole world. He always wants to help his friends and treats his Pokemon so caring way. Ash is really brave and strong person and when he battles he looks so passionate and determined. What a perfect nature! And OMG, he is hot!

Did you see any new epsiodes of Pokemon today?
Not today They show Pokemon here on every Thursday at 3.30 PM. And 'cause my school ends 3.00 PM, I have to run to home so I can watch it. I don't wanna miss even one minute XD

Only two days till Feb I'm really happy 'cause of that 'cause Toto comes back. Oh, and also Drew will be in new episode (he's my the 4th fave character) and I'll be 16 That's why I hate to say that I will lose my Internet access on 1st Feb (Life is so ironic, isn't it?). I will miss posting on PC and all new pics, but mostly I will miss you guys. You're so great friends! But I try to use computer as often I can (in school, in library, on my friends house, etc.) so I can take care of clubs and to see you all.

I'm not sure do I get new Internet and if yes when I get it, so I'll be gone awhile. But I'll be back (sooner or later like always)! So Take care and Be peached XD

With everlasting love and friendship,
your Peachy

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