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I always love how detailed this fandom can get. Like something gets briefly mentioned in the background of an episode, and this fandom just runs with it, creating amazingly detailed things like calendars or headcanons.

Anyhow, Bats! I knew it would be a while before I could write up my thoughts on the episode, so I took notes while watching it.

First, let me say that Fluttershy looked awesome as a bat. The muted color scheme looked great on her, and I liked her evil look. I'm not a collector of Fluttershy toys, but I would get Flutterbat because I just loved the design that much.

The song wasn't one of my favorites. I don't know what it is, but none of the songs from season four have stuck with me. Even songs from Equestria Girls I enjoyed, but season four hasn't grabbed me yet. Maybe one problem with this episode is that I haven't seen the Nightmare Before Christmas, so I don't have a strong sense of nostalgia for it like I've seen elsewhere. Still, it's always great to hear Applejack sing.

I was shocked when Twilight Sparkle leaped in so quickly with the short-term solution plan to cast a spell on the bats. By now, she should know to listen to her friends, especially Fluttershy when it comes to animals (as Fluttershy has proven that she knows what she's talking about when it comes to animals). She learned the lesson of listening to her friends in episodes like "Swarm of the Century" where Pinkie Pie knew what she was talking about, but no one listened to her. And again it happens here, but Twilight just...doesn't listen to Fluttershy. At the very least, I thought that Twilight would have researched the bats a little to learn what they were about.

The reference to Dash's love of cider was amusing. CONTINUITY!

It was weird that three out of four Apple family members were gone for the very first day of Apple Bucking season. I would have thought that they would plan things out better, like keeping at least Big Mac around to help AJ. Or at least have AJ complain that she was left alone for Apple Bucking season and she didn't want a repeat of what happened before to her when she was left alone to take care of the farm. Continuity?

Unfortunately, it seems like Pinkie Pie is thrown into the episodes to be random and not to really do anything. That's the way that this season feels to me: the mane 6 (and Spike) are included in the episodes, even if they don't really have anything to do. So some characters just get tossed in randomly, poking their heads in with dialogue or scenes that don't add to the story, just to remind viewers that they are there. I miss the episodes that only have the characters in them that really matter, like how it was before.

Though I will always take more Rarity.

I really enjoyed Twilight's retelling of what went wrong with the spell. The background music was great for that. It also kind of explains why we don't see more serious magic users like Twilight: that stuff gets dangerous in the wrong hands!

There were some things that I liked about this episode, but it wasn't enough to really wow me. Here's hoping that next episode is amazing because Rarity.

I am hoping that all these little teasers at the end of the episodes will lead up to something. At some point, they'll get really tiresome, especially if they're just forgotten.
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