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    bug update:

    -the rock gym wasn't actually that hard. rock doesn't actually resist bug, and kricketune can learn rock smash.
    -either way, badge get
    -I returned and let chimchar be the one KOing most of the stuff in the galactic battle. they resist bug, but for the most part, are weak to fire.
    -didn't need an HM slave because kricketune already knows rock smash!
    -fought some trainers, including one who said "what's your opinion on bug pokemon?" umm dude, I'm doing a freaking MONOTYPE with them.
    -I went to floroma meadow, beat one glameow, one zubat (x1/4 resists bug and fighting), one wurmple, and one silcoon, all owned by team galactic.
    -slathered honey on a tree
    -galactic base! once the zubat stopped using toxic, it was relatively easy.
    -I entered eterna forest!
    -caught two wurmple. they both evolved into cascoon.
    -caught two more. again, both cascoon.
    -bought more pokeballs
    -caught two more. ugg, they were cascoon, too.
    -finally caught two what evolved into silcoon.
    -I evolved silcoon and cascoon into beautifly (nicknamed beautifree) and dustox (nicknamed mothox)
    -I had them both learn gust
    -I checked on my honey tree
    -hiya combee (nicknamed honey)! woo!
    -it took 10-15 resets to make it female, but it was worth it... or should be, at least
    -I slathered honey on a tree I don't have to go back through eterna forest to get to.
    -leveled it from level 5 to level 11
    -kricketune learned x-scissor! I changed it's nockname from sfty scizr (safety scissor) to scissor.
    -I took on the gym. in it, beautifree grew from level 13 to 14, and honey fom level 11 to 14.
    badge get!

    kricketune (SCISSOR) Level 26
    dustox (MOTHOX) Level 13
    beautifly (BEAUTIFREE) Level 14
    combee (HONEY) Level 14
    Completed Chalenges on Pokémon Pearl
    Electric Monotype
    No-Catch Challenge hard mode
    Pichu Solo Run (post-game)
    Budew Solo Run
    Azurill Solo Run
    friend safari: Bug (Paras, Vivilion, Masquerain) FC 2621-2615-8242