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    Hauntingly Demented

    Chapter N ― Part N
    "A Haunting in PTA"

    Oak Island

    Name: ??????? ??????
    Nickname: Omen
    Age: 10
    Sex: Male
    Dorm: Lugia White

    Apart from a slightly older physical appearance, not-so-innocent eyes, and about a million other unusual things, Omen is your usual ten year old boy. Okay, maybe not. But if he really wanted to, he could pull off the "average kid" look. He has neck-down brown hair, amber eyes, and slightly unusual pale skin. His expression is often plain and uninterested, however, this is probably his nicest expression. Omen wears long shorts because they're comfy and easy to wear. Skipping the shirt, Omen dons his favorite soft gray hoodie. It's still slightly too large on him, and he enjoys keeping his hands concealed in the sleeves. He is always seen with a hot pink little device with his earbuds plugged in. He always has these headphones in his ears, but everyone incorrectly assumes he's listening to music; it's actually an item called a Silph EMP, used to track, listen to and interact with the paranormal, Human, Pokemon or otherwise. Despite this, Omen has been known to talk to ghosts without the device just fine, though others question whether this is true, or if he's simply so crazy he has full conversations with himself.

    Personality: Unpredictable and, quite frankly, Zubat-**** crazy, Omen has a nearly nonexistent personality. That is to say, it can't easily be pinpointed to specific instances, and is constantly changing. Omen is crazy. The scary kind of crazy. He obsesses over a few things, besides the paranormal. Blades are one of these obsessions, as is pain and violence. However, he does not necessarily act violently. He merely enjoys pain, whether it be his own or another's. He also enjoys explosions, fireworks, haunted houses (in which he scares those who try to scare him), pizza (with extra meat), and Pokemon battles (watching them, not necessarily doing them). He lacks most manners and while he seems to acknowledge most social conventions he tends not to take any part in them. He has no Human friends, and his chances of gaining one are slim, considering his actions and state of mind. However, he gets along very well with ghosts. This is one of the primary reasons he chooses to stay in the old Lugia Dorm. That and he feels certain that no one will disturb him there (seeing as he's probably not supposed to be in there, nor is any student).

    History: Born and raised in (of course) Lavender Town, Omen was no stranger to paranormal activity. However, as a small boy, he grew an unhealthy obsession with it. His parents began taking him to a child psychologist weekly, though this did little to fix his obsession. He made frequent visits to Pokemon Tower, despite never having a Pokemon of his own. He told the grieving trainers what their Pokemon were saying to them from the afterlife. This seemed to make a lot of people happy, so he made it a routine. At one point, the woman at the front desk gave him the nickname Omen. He was given this name by the elderly woman because of the Gastly that had begun following him home and sticking by him because of his visits. He was soon seen as a regular at the Tower, dubbed "Pokemon Tower's Child Psychic." One day, at age nine, Omen's parents came home to see their house completely flooded with paranormal activity. Their little boy, possessed by Omen (the Gastly), turned the entire house into something so horrifying that they fled from him, from Lavender Town, from Kanto entirely, leaving their boy behind. Omen, confused as to why his parents would leave without him, or why they didn't like the haunting, was adopted by the elderly woman and actually lived in Pokemon Tower. The boy began going crazy, and he liked it. The Gastly even grew attached to the boy, evolving not long after and, instead of possessing the boy, giving him the freedom to use those paranormal powers for his own enjoyment. Omen and Omen were inseparable. In fact, considering their position and general similarities, they were referred to as "Omen" as one being. They seemed to be very skillful together, though did nothing about it. However, the old woman saw this potential in them, and sent them off to the Pokemon Trainer Academy, giving them the opportunity to learn, get stronger, and (hopefully) make some friends. Omen arrived on the island a month prior to actually heading into the school, living in silence in the Lugia Dorm. Few people have seen him before now.

    Name: Omen
    Level: 28
    Shadow Punch
    Dark Pulse
    Dream Eater