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    Been a long time so I've got a pretty big update on my poison monotype. I went in and defeated Misty pretty handily with Gengar's Thunder and Vileplume's Giga Drain.
    After that I proceeded to get the Power Plant back online. I then got the radio card beat up snorlax and made my way to Pewter City.
    Brock was defeated with a combination of Qwilfish's Surf, and Vileplume's Giga Drain.
    After Brock I made my way to Fushia City and laid the smackdown on Janine with Venomoth's Psychic attacks.
    I then made my way to Saffron City and beat down Sabrina with Crobat's Bite, Venomoth's Signal Beam and Gengar's Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse
    After beating Sabrina I made my way to the Seafoam Islands and beat Blaine with Qwilfish's Surf and Rollout
    On my way back I spoke to Gary to make him return to the gym and then got almost everyone in against Gary. Venomoth's Signal Beam took down Exeggutor, Rhydon was defeated by Vileplume's Giga Drain, Qwilfish Surfed Arcanine, Crobat took down Machamp with Wing Attack, and Gengar Thundered Gyarados and Pidgeot.
    So now I have a lvl 58 Weezing, a lvl 58 Crobat, a lvl 58 Qwilfish, a lvl 58 Gengar, a lvl 57 Vileplume, and a lvl 57 Venomoth