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    Dang, this caught on better than the first time! @No Chance Without Zekrom: Ah... I forgot completely about ice body...

    Hydroelectric: For water Pokemon, if hit by an electric attack, the Pokemon will gain either +1 Attack or +1 Sp. Attack, no damage will be taken.

    Quick Thinker: Priority moves will not have priority if used on this Pokemon and will instead become 0 priority like most normal moves.

    Life Force: Attack power is doubled at the cost of HP every turn. (Pretty much an OP Life Orb ability.)

    Pixie Shield: The Pokemon will be unaffected by dragon types, regardless of its own typing.

    Sharpen: All slash/sword based moves are upped in power by 50%. (Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut, Slash, Night Slash, Sacred Sword, etc.)
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