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    Originally Posted by Everlark View Post
    Hey guys, there's a new rule for double posts, so make sure you check the rules thread to see what it is. It's nothing major, and it's something I've just been allowing for a while now, but I thought I should actually put it in the thread so that everyone knows. Thanks!

    That's awesome, man. You're my hero. I'm working on my Dex as well, so I know how difficult it is with those Pokebank legendaries. Actually, vaporeon7 told me he managed to get some legendaries off the GTS by putting up Slowpoke holding King's Rock (or any other Pokemon and their trade item) so maybe you should try that. I'm gonna work on getting trade items and do that myself, haha.

    WOW!! i never would have thought that would work. i have a whole bag full of trade items that i would totalt put up for some legendaries if it would work. thanks for the info :D
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