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Originally Posted by Elaitenstile View Post

I don't think Serena would just move along, though. She wouldn't just be friendzoned yet. I think they want to increase suspense and speculation to promote X&Y anime, just maybe.
In that case , A female rival would do a better job then Serena !!!
Considering The fact that Pokemon never had strong female challenger around Ash's age ! All female challenger so far treated ether as Comic relief or Newbie !!!
I wonder , What if Pokemon have a female rival who's super-strong , arrogant ,Selfish, Prideful , insensitive , mean , self-centered , rude , cold , calm , Cruel and incredibly cute ??? A girl who's main pokemon is a Sylveon .
On the surface , She a strong person but inside she will sad lonely girl .
But Her encounter with Ash slowly changes rotten personality ! She learn to make friend and able to her kind side.
She later develop feeling for Ash but doesn't realize it until they showdown in the Pokemon League !!
Like this girl-
Ya , I know someone here will ask me this - Why does the female protagonist has to develop feeling for Ash?
Because , Pokemon is an Anime !
And In Anime Everything has to be interesting , exciting & above-average.
What is more exciting then the shipping between 2 person with opposite Personality ????
Currently , Serena's personality & her chemistry with Ash seem totally average So People will lose all interest from Amourshipping.
The True Beauty of Anime

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