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2nd Update, Rock Challenge on Platinum:
-Headed towards Floroma Town. Lost 3 times to some chick with a Roselia. Realized that Sturdy doesn't act like a Focus Sash in Gen 4. Avoided her.
-Made it to Floroma Town. Kicked some Team Galactic ass there and at the Valley Windworks.
-Made it through Eterna Forest.
-Spent a few hours digging in the Underground looking for a Fossil so I could add another Pokemon to my team. Found a Skull Fossil.
-Ran all the way back to Oreburgh (you can't get a Bike until you deal with Team Galactic in Eterna; can't do that till you beat the Gym; wanted more pokes first). Got a Crainidos
-This is where things got nasty. Went to the Eterna Gym, easily beat all the Gym trainers. So I was feeling pretty good about taking on Gardenia....
-Battling Gardenia was ****ing awful. She beat me down 3 times before I decided to go get a Nosepass from Mt.Coronet. Caught one and evolved it into Probopass.
-Attempted to battle Gardenia again. Still lost to her several times. Decided to go level Probopass a bit, hope that would help.
-Went back to the Gym again. Gardenia was still handing my ass to me. Lost to her several times before a combination of an XSp.Defense, a dozen Super Potions, the AI acting dumber than normal, and a couple of lucky criticals got me the win, FINALLY.
-Man, that was just terrible. And there's still the Fighting and Water gyms to go. Hopefully those won't be so bad since by then I'll be lots stronger and be able to grind better and stuff.

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