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I kinda forgot to post about it like a week ago, but the Christmas event is now over.

I'll be closing this thread on Feb 1st to make way for a new version of the thread following the Gen 6 standard. Any 5th gen Ultimate Monotype challenges need to be finished before then to be counted. After that the other thread will only accept people who complete games from all 6 generations into the Ultimate Champions. Gen 5 listings will remain on this thread and will be linked to in the new thread for recognition. You will be allowed to continue any existing runs in the new thread without issue. I will change a few of the standards as well since this is a new version of the thread. Previously I based it on the standards that were already in place, but as we are entering a new time I think a couple of adjustments won't be a problem, especially since I am preserving previous champs separately.

The most significant and obvious change will be that Black and White's ending point will be adjusted to defeating Ghetsis, not Alder. I always believed that the point where the credits roll should be the ending point in any game. I won't be changing Johto because there are at least gyms to fight in the post game for those games. Black and White have virtually no post game to speak of. This is fair warning about the change. DO NOT try to convince me not to make the change. The new thread will be a fresh start and will truly be mine, so I set the rules. No previous Champs work will be invalidated by the change because it was done at a different time in a different thread.

I will be updating the thread regularly throughout the month to minimize my work at the time of closing, so don't worry, everyone's progress will be shown. I look forward to seeing you all on the other side. Good luck!