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    Originally Posted by Darkheart223 View Post
    I need to know your other decks?
    oops ,the other 2 decks are the black and white emerged that i mentioned xD
    They are named(atleast this si their name in Amazon) -
    Power Play and Toxic Tricks.
    Cards list -
    Toxic Tricks Theme Deck

    2x Scolipede
    3x Whirlipede
    4x Venipede
    1x Gothitelle (not the Ability one)
    2x Gothorita
    3x Gothita
    1x Darmanitan
    2x Darumaka
    1x Simisear
    2x Pansear
    2x Sigilyph
    2x Tranquill
    3x Pidove
    2x Woobat
    2x Energy Switch
    2x Switch
    2x Cheren
    2x Energy Retrieval
    2x Great Ball
    2x Pokémon Communication
    12x Psychic Energy
    6x Fire Energy

    Power Play Theme Deck

    2x Krookodile
    3x Krokorok
    4x Sandile
    1x Gigalith
    2x Boldore
    3x Roggenrola
    1x Beartic (Icy Wind attack for 30 + Sleep)
    2x Chuchoo
    1x Swanna
    2x Ducklett
    2x Cinccino
    2x Minccino
    1x Basculin
    2x Throh
    2x Sawk
    2x Energy Search
    2x Potion
    2x Full Heal
    2x Great Ball
    2x Bianca
    2x Pokemon Communication
    12x Fighting Energy
    6x Water Energy
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