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I've seen those around before, actually. Depending on the game you choose, you could end up with some interesting stuff. Though ditching the starter sounds sucky, haha. But yeah, I'd approve that if it went through, since we've had them before (or at least really similar stuff).

Oh, and new Nuzlocke thread because since it was really cluttered and people needed to understand the things about the variants and that they can add their own rules if they want. That way, it'll help prevent all those threads from being submitted. Hopefully, anyway. Plus, Aaron was behind on the updates for Nuzlocke, so I thought it was due for a fresh start with all that in mind. If you or anyone else feel like your threads are too old, then you're free to get a fresh start as well. I'd figure with all the Nuzlocke variant craziness we had last year though, it'd be a good idea.

Also, Aaron came up with a good way to help prevent clutter even further by requiring an update when people sign up. I don't think every challenge should have that, but with one like Nuzlocke (or anything really popular like Monotype or something), I think it really helps.

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