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Hey there, Charlotte! Welcome welcome to the forum. :D Friends are easy to make here since there are plenty of nice people to chat with all over; you just have to remember to stay active and post around. Would be hard to befriend people if you're not around much yourself, right?

So what kinds of games are you into besides Pokemon? Mario, Kirby, Super Smash, Fire Emblem, other things? I've only recently started involving myself in gaming more and am currently enjoying playing Kingdom Hearts, Rune Factory, and Etrian Oddysey.. also eagerly anticipating Bravely Default which comes to the US next month. 2013 and '14 seems like a great year for games so if you're as into them as many of us are, you'd definitely like the Video Games board. Just a suggestion.

Let us know how your stay's been going and see you around! Be sure to let the staff know if you need anything. And I'm always here to chat as well if you're looking for one of those first few friends, yup. Cheers!
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