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Here's another image of the fedora-wearing grumpy pony.


It did look like the Grumpy Cat cutie mark was an afterthought because it didn't move with the pony as he moved.

Anyhow, I finally saw this episode, which I have been waiting for because it's a Rarity episode! Again, I wrote down my thoughts as I watched the episode.

I was greatly amused by Rainbow Dash's comment about ponies bursting into song randomly just as Rarity did just that. Of course, it's always great to hear Rarity sing. The voice acting for her is just great, with the wide range of emotions that she can convey in a matter of seconds. They go along well with her range of facial expressions, which seem to have grown as the animation has improved. All the ponies have more expressions than they did in seasons past.

It was weird to me that Twilight couldn't just teleport to get the dresses. Actually, Twilight is just weird this entire season. No one gives any reactions to her being a princess and wandering around in the open. Especially that pony that wouldn't give up the cab to her. It's not like Twilight can just hide her status. She's an alicorn.

But this goes back to my complaint before about how the mane 6 are included in the episode even if there's nothing really for them to do. Like Pinkie's still coming off as a one-note random shouter. So there are several weird things about these episodes that wouldn't show up if the cast was cut down to whomever was necessary.

Anyhow, Rarity's meltdown was hilarious. "Isn't friendship MAGIC?" had me dying of laughter. The way she said it and just the joke with the title was perfect.

Speaking of awesome lines, Applejack's blunt honesty was amazing. The add-on of Dash's comment after that was perfect. I also love how Applejack had comments for Dash's excitement about the musical. I love those two.

I'm wondering if the rainbow thread is another teaser. I've seen some theories online that the thread is actually Rarity's key that she needs to find for the locked box. It would at least tie in one of these random ending teasers from all these episodes.

Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping up with pony news, so I have no idea what this Rainbow Power Pony thing is about. Time to head over to Equestria Daily to catch up on merchandise releases!
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