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The only time I transferred schools was in college. I transferred from the top SUNY college to one of the CUNYs.
It was awkward when I was taking level 100 classes at my second school and we did ice breakers. When I told people from where I transferred, I always got the look of, "Why are you here? YOU'RE SUPERIOR TO US." It was like I had to validate why I would "demote" myself, even though you learn the same material wherever you go

However, I did notice that the student bodies differed greatly. My first college was comprised of mostly "nerdy" people, whereas my current school is more varied.
The SAT averages of my first were about 1930, second is about 1500. The 6 year graduation rate of my current school is lower than the 4 year of my former.
Despite this, I have had a great experience so far, and hope to graduate this spring!
I still do not regret transferring. This might be my graduate school soon ;p

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