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Originally Posted by Garchomp View Post
Sorry, but its only been 11 episodes out of... possibly close to 200, so I wouldn't worry now. There's plenty of time for her character to develop, as well as figure out a goal for herself.
Serena was fine when she was Sassy and willing to attack a Pokemon .
But for Gods know what reason , Writer turn Serena into Overly nice & gentle girl .
Believe me, nowadays People really doesn't like overly Nice guy protagonist because there seem to be so many of them . Now People like character who act like a Bad Boy.
Misty is still popular because she Sassy , Bossy , Short-tempered ,Slight selfish , always complain and sharp tong.
Even ''Y'' (Pokepse Counterpart of Serena) seem more interesting probably because she's short-temper , Serious, mature and less gentler then Anime Serena .
Writer can make Serena Sassy again but a sudden change of attitude will feel weird ! Writer has to make it as natural as Possible ,
Also , People usually likes ''Love & Hate'' relationship ! I think People will like if Ash start to tease Serena and make her angry time to time to have fun it her !
But Serena act like that she can never get angry at Ash . Her acting like a ''Fangirl'' is what make the shipping boring .
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