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    Hello everyone, I have a few general questions about Snakewood.

    1) What is the completion status of the game? I did read Cutlerine's first post which was updated sometime in 2013 but I just want to double-check.

    2) I'm not sure if I have the latest version installed on my GBA4iOS emulator. I downloaded Snakewood from the website I would post a direct link, but I do not have 15 posts yet.

    In the version of Snakewood that I downloaded, I noticed that the overworld sprite for the female protagonist is exactly the same as May's sprite from the original Ruby/Sapphire. However, in many youtube videos for Snakewood, I see that the female protagonist has her own custom sprite which makes me wonder if I have an earlier version of the game. Do I? If so, where can I find the latest version of the game?

    3) If I don't have the most recent version of Snakewood, would downloading the most recent one erase all the progress I made in my current save file? I'm fairly far in the game right now (preparing to fight the Elite 4) and it would be a huge shame if the time I put into it was all for naught.
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