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    Originally Posted by Ksiazek Bartlomiej View Post
    Hi there... This thread is great. You make easier puting 6th gen Pokemon to Pokemon RSE/FRLG. I gona help you. For now. I give you Kalos Pokemon sprites from POKEMON RUBY RENEV HACK. In there I add some of them to catch. And this sprites is directly from my game









    I hope that I help you by this sprites.
    Thanks but these don´t really match up with this resource.
    Best of luck with yours though.

    I like the front sprite, but the back sprite bothers me for some reason. I feel like the head and neck needs to be a little bit more defined because right now it looks a little like it's one blob. Also, the ears could probably be a little longer, but yeah. You probably looked at a model, but in case you haven't

    Just compare the two and maybe you'll see what i see. Just suggestions
    I agree completely. I´ll edit them.

    I actually hadn´t compared the models as I had with the others, because I´d been
    working off of Superjub´s back sprite, so thanks for catching them!

    I´ve got a Trevenant front sprite done, based upon the Dream World art, so hopefully
    that´ll be the next submission. I´m also working on Yemachu´s Spritzee submission.
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