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    Originally Posted by slim spazzy View Post
    Hey i played the recent beta 2.5. I really like the story line of the game though i think you should improve the wild battle music and the trainer battle music. I really like the DNS especially when the background changes during game play when time changes. I love the mapping which is simply beautiful.The scripts are hilarious especially the youngster joey battle.I suggest you make evee easy to train as it is a real pain to level up.I really am looking forqard to the final version :D
    Thanks! Music will be overhauled in the future for Beta 4.xx. I learned so much as a rom hacker from when I first started way back in Beta 1. I want to make some custom music, but never really gotten into it (although, I should), but wanted to get rid of the Fire Red music at all costs to give the game a "new" feeling for the time being.
    Originally Posted by slim spazzy View Post
    walk up to the wall where you think there will be an entrance and talk to it
    There will be moments in the game where you would have to put on your "strategy caps."
    I wanted to make it a bit more challenging and rewarding in that respect.
    And less predictable.

    Originally Posted by chiefjeef View Post
    i just did the event wwhere suicune saved me, now what?
    Route 56. Walk there as normal, then a hiker guy will give you the ProGoggles.
    Edit 1 - Updated the credit list, adding WesleyFG for some of his public tiles.
    Edit 2 - Also, if you would LOVE to join forces with me as a member of this hack, let me know.
    Progress will surely ensure quicker completion of this game! Exponentially!
    So far I have Ace_Master_of_Turtles as a HeroOW/Spriter/Composer
    sonicdx1100 as Trailer Creator
    flamebot as Beta Tester
    You can apply for anything you would like to be seen in the game/contribute and or suggest.

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