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    Originally Posted by dark788 View Post
    ohh ok but i have some question how i can evolve Eevee into Svlyeon
    As of Beta 2.5, Eevee cannot evolve into its elemental counterparts.
    In Beta 3.xx, it will in Pokewood City. I am still thinking of an event that will allow this to happen.
    As of today, Svlyeon is not in the game, but due to popular request, I will.
    The Taejo Dex had been 100% completed already so adding new Pokemon would be a pain in the butt.
    I will add it to the Seijo Dex (there will be a event with that) as a "currently unknown Pokemon in Seijo."
    I'll also see how my spriting ability (although I never tried before, but I always loved art) takes me because I really felt that Game Freak let me down by not creating the last original special attack type Eevee (Dragon Type) of Gen 1-3. Who knows, maybe I can be a good spriter.
    With that being said. The "Seijo Dex" will contain an extra 77 Pokemon to the mix (excluding the Gene Pokemon).
    I have a few Pokemon that will definitely be included, but the rest of the slots are up for grabs.
    Draceon (come on game freak) and Svlyeon would be numbers 248 and 249 respectively.
    Some Pokemon such as Lickitung's and Togetic's 4th generation evolutions will be included in this "Seijo Dex."
    Here's a little story, digging through my laptop, I randomly found what was supposedly a beta map (of two years ago!) of the Taejo Region FRLG style!
    And then it hit me. The original intent was to have Taejo as the North Region and Kanto as the South Region, haha.
    My goodness time flies. I been working on this hack for almost two years, haha.

    One thing that I always liked before getting into rom hacking was making region maps, haha.
    I'm going to start making random region maps now, lol.

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