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After I defeated Red my team didn't really stay together, so -

Against Elite Four (same as against Red but I'm not sure of those levels):
Feraligatr lvl 61
Rapidash lvl 50
Pidgeot lvl 50
Poliwhirl lvl 50
Dunsparce (...Yes. I accidently learned it Rock Smash and then thought I needed it forever) lvl 50
Lugia lvl 50

Now, just looking into the game:
Feraligatr lvl 100
Quagsire lvl 47 (Freshly caught shiny!)
Ho-oh lvl 74
Pidgeot lvl 68
Umbreon lvl 64
Friend Safari: Dark type
Sandile, Vullaby, Liepard

Hi. I'm inactive. I guess I get an e-mail if you PM me though, so that might work.

Level up my card!
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