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Ruby Update #2
Battled the trainers in the 4th gym and Shattered reached 33.
Shattered evolved into Camerupt.
Taught Camerupt Hm 4 Strength and Tm 50 Overheat.
Received a Egg.
Egg hatch and out came Wynaut.
Beat Dad and got the Balance badge.
got Hm 3 and taught it to Mr.Killer.
Caught a Magnemite and named it DeathDrop.
Taught DeathDrop Tm 24 to it.
Trained DeathDrop to 30.
DeathDrop evolved into Magneton.
Beat some more Magma Grunts.
Beat Magma Admin Courntey.
Beat May for the third time.
Beat Winona and got the Feather badge.
Beat May for the final time.
Caught a Meditite and evolved it into Medicham
Put Abra and Medicham into daycare
Got Poke Egg and it turns out to be a Abra with the Element Punches and name it Mystic II.
Raised to 40.
Abra Evolved into Kadabra.
Taught Mystic II Psychic.
Bought Ice Beam and taught it to Mr.Killer.
Beat some more Magma Grunts.
Got the Red Orb
Beat the Grunts at Magma hideout.
Beat Admin Tabitha.
Got to Mossdeep City

Mr.Killer - Pelipper
Level 41
Nature: Docile
Moves: Ice Beam, Surf, Wing Attack, Fly

Mystic II - Kadabra
Level 42
Nature: Naive
Moves: Psychic, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch and Fire Punch

Shattered - Camerupt
Level 41
Nature: Hasty
Moves: Strength, Rockslide, Overheat and Earthquake.

DeathDrop - Magneton
Level 43
Nature: Relaxed
Moves: Spark, Thunderbolt, Supersonic and Thunder Wave
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