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Originally Posted by FrozenInfernoZX View Post
And when you get the ProGoggles, you should be able to walk through the desert.
Once again, players of the beta, I cannot stress enough the importance of the NPC.
This game forces you to "think outside the box."
Edit 1 - And with that being said, I will be releasing a BasicGuide soon!
It will clear up any difficulties faced in the game and whatnot. Stay tuned!
And here's what's in stored for Seijo (a glimpse).

Draceon will be based off of this awesome artwork by AlouNea
And knowing that everybody would probably want their Eevee to evolve into Draceon/Sylveon... the Eevee that you start with will not be able to. So to make it fair...
Upon beating the Taejo League and before heading off to Seijo, Oak will give you a level 50 Eevee that can only evolve into either of these two by using the Brute/Bliss stone respectively.
And if by popular request, I'll make more unofficial evolutions for Eevee like a Steel, Fighting, Flying, etc.
Heck I'll even get wacky and put a Normal (bluntly, lol) Type Eeveelution and a Steel Type.

I will have to change Rusteon's name into something in resemblance of reflection.
Goddamnit I can't wait for another beta! This is easily the best hack in a while now & I hope to god you don't lose the motivation to complete it which is the case with most quality hacks (understandable though since they demand a s***ton of hard work!).

Keep it up FrozenInfernoZX!

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