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    Originally Posted by Myc Shredder View Post
    Goddamnit I can't wait for another beta! This is easily the best hack in a while now & I hope to god you don't lose the motivation to complete it which is the case with most quality hacks (understandable though since they demand a s***ton of hard work!).

    Keep it up FrozenInfernoZX!
    Thanks Myc shredder!
    And here's Pokewood City's entire mapping (70% finished)
    ----- North Sector (As you can see Gym Leader Movie Star Alba's "Red Carpet," lol.

    ----- South Sector

    And by the way, Rival Normaly lives in that segregated house up north!
    Damn, she got some acres over there!
    Goodluck trying to sneak into her house, haha.

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