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Originally Posted by indiana2solo View Post
My idea is to mimic Ash from the anime.
Basically, you get four pokemon that are all limited by how they were used in the Anime.
Picachu- Can't evolve.
Squirtle- Can't evolve.
Bulbasaur- Can't evolve.
Charmander- after evolving to Charmeleon and Charzard must use a random number generator of 1-4 to determine which of its four moves will be used.

Of course you would have to trade these pokemon into the game of your choice or hack them in.

If you wanted to go even farther you could limit each pokemon to the moves used in the shows.

For example, Bulbasaur would be able to use
-vine whip
-razor leaf
-leech seed
-solar beam
-sleep powder
-take down
I'm pretty sure we have a challenge that covers that. Some Character challenge should make that doable.

Originally Posted by Feraligatr13 View Post
Yeah, and isn't N technically a Champion? I mean, he DID defeat Alder.
Yeah, that's always been a point I use in arguing for Ghetsis being the end.
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