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Here's a few updates on some random monotypes I've been working on that I've already started (Flying and Steel to be exact). I'll keep the updates short, mainly because I did these a few weeks ago and honestly don't remember enough of the details to have huge updates. Also, I'd like to get started on another monotype on Y, but I want to transfer over my Dragon team first.. So I'll either have to wait until Bank comes out or until I fell the motivation to ask someone in the trade corner to help me out.

Diamond - I've worked my way through the first five gyms, and I've caught all of my team. I do remember struggling with Roark (I had to spam Double Team and wait to get lucky enough to finally win), but other than that it's been smooth sailing!
Staraptor / lv35 / Close Combat, Double Team, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace
Drifblim / lv35 / Gust, Fly, Payback, Ominous Wind
Mothim / lv35 / Gust, Psybeam, Hidden Power (Rock), Confusion
Murkrow / lv35 / Wing Attack, Night Shade, Assurance, Faint Attack

Black 2 - An even less exciting update here, as I haven't really had any issues up to where I am now. So far, I've made it through the first four gyms, and right now I'm in Route 6 working on training my freshly caught Ducklett before taking on Clay in the Driftveil Gym.
Unfezant / lv33 / Air Slash, Roost, Air Cutter, Return
Sigilyph / lv33 / Psywave, Tailwind, Air Cutter, Psybeam
Mandibuzz / lv33 / Pluck, Punishment, Return, Faint Attack
Ducklett / lv24 / Water Pulse, Aerial Ace, BubbleBeam, Aqua Ring

✔Pokemon Blue Version
✔Pokemon Gold Version
✔Pokemon Emerald Version
Pokemon Diamond Version(5/8)
Pokemon Black 2 Version(4/8)
Pokemon ?? Version
Ruby - Right now, I've made it up to Mauville and I'm training a little bit before taking on Watson. I had a little bit of trouble with Brawly, but I was sure to be a little overleveled so he wasn't too big of an issue.
Mawile / lv26 / Vicegrip, Faint Attack, Astonish, Bite
Aron / lv26 / Metal Claw, Headbutt, Mud-Slap, Take Down

Pokemon ?? Version
Pokemon Ruby Version(2/8)
Pokemon ?? Version
✔Pokemon Black 2 Version
Pokemon ?? Version
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