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    Sapphire update #1

    -Picked Treeko and saved Prof. Birch from a Poochyena
    -Arrived in Oldale Town
    -Travelled to route 103 and destroyed rival
    -Followed rival back to the lab, and obtained a pokedex and some "Pokeball"
    -Obtained running shoes
    -Caught a wurmple on route 101, named it Dustfly, and prayed that it would evolve into Dustox
    -Boxed Treeko in Oldale's Pokemon center
    -Trained Dustfly a bit on route 101, 102 and 103
    -Dustfly evolved into Cascoon
    -Arrived in Petalburg City
    -Helped Wally catch a Ralts
    -Dustfly evolved into Dustox
    -Beat up Team Aqua grunt in PetalBurg woods
    -Arrived in Rustboro City
    -Withdrew Treeko once I realized I need a team of two pokemon (If I'm wrong correct me)
    -Took on Roxanne's gym.
    -Defeated Roxanne's Nosepass with Dustfly and got the Stone Badge. Multiple super potions were used.
    -Taught Treeko cut and saved the game.

    Current team

    Dustfly (Dustox)
    Lv: 16
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Shield Dust
    Nature: Hardy
    Moves: Gust, Confusion, Poison Sting, Harden

    Treeko (HM Slave)

    Current number of badges: 1/8
    Current Challenges (The ones that are underlined are complete)

    Ultimate Monotype Challenge (Poison)
    Ultimate Progress: LeafGreen 0/8, SoulSilver 0/16, Sapphire 0/8, Platinum 0/8, Black 2 2/8, Y 0/8

    Ultimate Monotype Challenge (Ghost)
    Ultimate Progress: Firered 0/8, SoulSilver 0/16, Sapphire 0/8, Platinum 8/8, White 2 0/8, Y 2/8

    (Ghost) Black 0/8
    (Poison) White 0/8