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    Figured I'd post my first update:


    -Started the game and got Charmander (Blaze)
    -Beat Rival
    -Pre-Game Parcel Crap
    -Caught a Pidgey and named it 'Ace'
    -Trained both to level 9 and defeated Rival for the first time.
    -Caught a Caterpie and named it 'Psychotic'
    -Grinded Caterpie until it evolved to Butterfree
    -Used Charmander to get through Viridian Forest.
    -Defeated Brock with Metal Claw and Confusion.
    -Went through Mt. Moon & Did all the Bill stuff.
    -Defeated Misty by poisoning her Starmie and then using quick attacks with Pidgeotto
    -Went to Vermillion City, got an Old Rod, caught Magikarp, then grinded until Gyrados.
    -Did the S.S. Anne stuff and then defeated Lt. Surge with my Charmeleon.
    -Went through Rock Tunnel and beat all the Ghost Trainers in Lavender Town.

    Current Team:
    Blaze the Charmeleon
    Level 29
    Cut|Ember|Growl|Metal Claw

    Ace the Pidgeotto
    Level 27
    Tackle|Wing Attack|Gust|Quick Attack

    Psychotic the Butterfree
    Level 28
    Confusion|Flash|Sleep Powder|Ariel Ace

    Rage the Gyrados
    Level 28
    Bite|Dragon Rage|Water Pulse|Tackle