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    Ultimate Water Challenge, Firered LeafGreen part 2
    Traveled through Mt. Moon, grabbed the Dome fossil this time like I wanted to.
    Beat Rival (Cerulean City).
    Went through the Nugget Bridge until the end. Returned to Cerulean, left Chelone(Wartortle) in the box so I only had Noriko (magikarp), used all my money on items, and lost against the Rocket Grunt who gives you the nuggets again and again. Did this until Noriko had finally gleaned enough experience from defeating the Ekans every now and then to evolve. Ended up with around 16 nuggets.
    While traversing Rt. 24, accidentally trapped the Secret Power TM behind the trainer blocking it. Too bad, I wanted to teach that to Noriko.
    Challenged Cerulean Gym, defeated Misty, obtained Cascade Badge.
    Who gives you the SS Ticket, again? I do not remember receiving that thing. Either way, cleaned out the SS Anne.
    Went back and got Secret Power for Noriko.
    At this point I realized you don't really NEED to defeat Surge just yet, and I ran through or past everything up to Celadon City, got myself an Eevee (Damon), and evolved it into Vaporeon.
    While I was at it, got the Tea and earned access to Saffron.
    Am now working my way back through... everywhere and wrapping things up. Preparing to challenge Surge's gym.


    Ultimate Water Challenge, SoulSilver part 1
    Obtained Totodile from Elm, named Ridley.
    Did all the boring errands for Elm.
    Challenged Sprout Tower, cleaned the place out
    Challenged Violet Gym, obtained Zephyr Badge. Falkner's Pidgey provided no resistance, but his Pidgeotto got Ridley down to 1 HP.
    Obtained Geodude for a HM slave
    Obtained Fishing Rod, hooray
    Went back to Cherrygrove, Caught Krabby, named Dave
    Obtained Wooper, named Brian (Rt. 32)

    Oh, also I have a question. When the new thread appears next month, do all of us current challengers have to start over, or do we just get shifted over?
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