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6th Update, Rock Challenge on Platinum:
-made it to Celestic Town, training Rhyhorn along the way
-showed Cyrus that 11 year olds are the most dangerous things to plans of world domination
-got the HM for Surf
-beat the few trainers to the west of Celestic Town
-explored the rest of Wayward Cave when I realized that it doesn't require Strength
-caught a Finneon to surf on
-explored some new places that are only Surf accessible
-evolved Graveler into Golem
-made my way to Canalave City
-visited Iron Island, got the HM for Strength, did some training with Riley, and beat a pair of Galactic goons
-Took on the Steel gym, which wasn't hard (except for that one guy's Scizor). Just spam Earthquake.
-was instructed to go to Lake Valor, since Team Galactic felt the best way to drain the water out was via a bomb

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