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    My classmates playing PokeMMO made me feel like playing some pokemon again. So Im starting 2 challenges:

    - The Unova part of my Ultimate Water Challenge i started when i joined 2.5 years ago. White 2
    - An electric Kanto, continuing my list of Kanto monotypes with the hardest of them all. Fire Red

    Here is my first update for electric:

    - Started the game as "Blitz" with my rival "Slowpo"
    - Picked, as per my personal rule, the water starter when no starter was going on my team. Named it "Surfboard"
    - Went ahead and caught a Pikachu, naming it "Emile"
    - Grinded a TON for Brock, and it still came down to struggle and 8 potions -_____-

    - Trudged through Mt Moon as fast as my not very effective Quick Attacks could. Being horribly overleveled helped.
    - Thunderbolted Misty
    - Did stuff, got Cut
    - After getting Magnitude OHKO'ed twice, i made it to route 10 where i caught "Tim" the Voltorb (Anyone who watches them should see where the names are coming from now )


    Emile, lv 37 Pikachu

    Thunderbolt, Dig, Mega Punch
    "Soloing with Pikachu was incredibly simple, albeit slow at times. But it all changed when the Magnitude Geodudes attacked."

    Tim, lv 18 Voltorb

    "Just got him, he doesn't even have an electric attack yet. Might teach him Shock Wave soon."
    On hold: Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Water: White 2 - 2/8