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7th Update, Rock Challenge on Platinum:
-as per Rowan's request, I went to Lake Valor to see what happened. Wrecked some Galactic grunts and Saturn
-Flew on down to Lake Verity to save Lucas and Rowan's asses from Team Galactic, beating Mars again.
-headed off to Snowpoint City, going through Mt.Coronet and the freezing cold on the way (cold in real life, cold in the game, god I hate the cold)
-got the HM for Rock Climb
-Rhyhorn evolved into Rhydon, taught it Surf and Hammer Arm
-bumped into my rival, who informed me of what I already knew: I'd need to beat the Snowpoint gym to use Rock Climb so I could get to Lake Acuity
-Challenged the Snowpoint Gym. The regular gym trainers were easy. Lotta them had pokes slower than Rhydon (you know you're slow when Rock types outspeed you), who swatted them aside with Hammer Arms and Rock Blasts. Candice proved to be a better opponent. I lost to her the first time (which I guess is what happens when 3 of your 5 Rock pokes are also part Ground). Her Abomasnow and Piloswine, of all things, gave me the most trouble. Beat her in round 2 since I was more aware of what she could do. And items help too, of course. The match ended up being Probopass vs Froslass. Fortunately, Probes's high Sp.Defense (so glad it has a Sassy nature) and typing made it take little damage from her attacks, but I had to use Shock Wave becauese of hail+Snow Cloak+Double Team. Several Super Potions and many Shock Waves later, I had the Icicle Badge in my frozen, digital little fingers.
-Scaled the cliff and enter Lake Acuity just in time to see my rival get beaten by Jupiter
-got the hell outta the freezing cold of northern Sinnoh and went to a few places that are Rock Climb accessible
-went to Veilstone to deal with Team Galactic, but decided to first go gamble at the Game Corner (taking down a criminal organization can wait, right?). Wasn't doing well until I got a lucky streak. Unfortunately, 842 Coins isn't enough to buy any of the Game Corner's prizes...

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