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    Hello. I'm not sure if anyone here is asexual, but I'm going to go ahead and post this anyway.

    I've been confused about what to call my sexuality for a while now. I've been labeling myself as a pansexual aromantic, but now I'm not so sure about the pansexual part; I don't feel sexually attracted to people, only aesthetically -- that is, I can find people of any gender "attractive", but that's about as far as it goes. I don't want to do anything else with them (like sex, kissing/cuddling, etc.), and the thought of actually engaging in anything sexual doesn't really appeal to me, similar to how I feel about romantic relationships. I know this is probably asexuality, and only I can determine what my sexual orientation is, but I still would like some input from someone who actually is asexual. I'm also going to try on the AVEN forum, I was just posting here in case anyone could help, haha~