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Originally Posted by Uxie101 View Post
Do you need fletchling, because i made one,how do you like it.
Thanks, but I'll probably make my own later.

Anyway, Sorry for the long delay but here are Amaura, Trevenant and a resized Carbink (I thought it looked a bit too big)

Credits to Gexeys for the Amaura front sprite!

EDIT: Also added Skrelp and redid Sylveon.
Credits to Sleet for the Skrelp front sprite, and Layell for Sylveon's front sprite, I'd also like to thank
Layell as well for letting me use sprites from the Smogon thread.

For those that liked the old Sylveon I'll include it underneath the 'completed sprites' tab.
The main reason for the change was to make it more similar to the other Eeveelutions done by Chaos.
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