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    Hey there! PkMn Snakewood is a dope game with a nice story!

    But I'm stuck somewhere...

    I went down a waterfall (I think it was at route 115 or somewhere) and ends at the beginning near Oldale Town at Route 103... I can't go back to were I was before, to the other site of the waterfall. I went walking around the whole map and talking to everyone, but I'm still stuck.

    Is there anything I can do? Or can someone tell me where I can get FLY or WATERFALL? That would be great.

    As far as I can tell, you have to Surf all the way back around to Dewford, then Slateport, then Mauville...
    Yep... alllll the way back around. :[

    After a long history of glitches getting me insurmountably stuck in this game - first being no Ditto appearing on the sub, after which I spent two hours learning to use cheats on gpSPhone to make one appear, second being the stench of death stopping me in the Film University no matter what, which I used the trusty wall walking hax to pass, and finally my game getting stuck whenever I in-game save - discovered after I beat the Champion, and raged over for quite some time until I used cheats to walk around the logic breaking swimmer zombies guarding Lilycove Sewers - I have finally found one that is game breaking. For whatever reason, after killing Esau and talking with Birch and Blackthorn, the currents east of Pacifilog haven't disappeared and the Abandoned Mines haven't appeared. Is there any other way into the mines, like how Victory Road connects to Fort Draco, or alternatively is there any other way into Sootopolis? Hacks or not in either case. I have spent thirty six hours playing this game, and at least four or five looking up tutorials, cheats, and how to use said cheats to dodge otherwise insurmountable glitches, and I really don't want to stop playing this damned game unless there's no other way.
    There are never any currents where the Mines show up. My guess would be you're looking in the wrong location- go right from Pacifidlog, rather than left, and hug the top rock wall. At one point you'll hit a gap in the rocks where you can head back down and to the left a ways before going back up- it's really hard to spot. Before killing Esau, there's a swimmer there blocking the way, but he should have disappeared now. Hope this helps!
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