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Which Bug-type is best to use offensively?

I'm going to agree with most people here and say Volcarona for special attacking. It just has access to too many great moves, like quiver dance, fiery dance, hurricane, giga drain and bug buzz, and has the stats to back it up. Others for special attacking are Galvantula (with sticky web + thunder + compound eyes) and Vivillion surprisingly, since it has access to Sleep Powder, Hurricane, Quiver Dance and Bug Buzz, and has Compound eyes to pull it off.
Oh and of course Yanmega, because speed boost works amazingly on it. On the Physical side, Scizor (and I'm assuming mega-scizor) is pretty OP, especially in rain and with bullet punch. Heracross is pretty good too since it has guts and megahorn. And from what I've been hearing, Scolipede with Speed Boost is really good as well.