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Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
The 2DS is actually a pretty brilliant iteration, I've found. The only awkwardness is that the triggers are all the way at the top while the Start, Select, and Power buttons are on the bottom right side of the system, as well as the sleep switch being on the very bottom right itself. Every other button is on the top half of the system. It fights into your hands quite well and there's very little fumbling with the top half of a clamshell since it's in a tablet form-factor.

Nintendo makes no sense with its VC decisions, other than creating it as a thing in the first place.
Agreed. While Nintendo has made a god amount with their VC games they need to be focusing more on developing quality games which will sell. They also need to focus more on their media outlets because it's not just the game which sell a console anymore. If anything, they should work on their DSware and WiiWare over VC. Keep the past in the past imo, they are focusing on the wrong things.