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    Quick to test her conviction a guy dressed in blue approached Ember. It was time to throw away her depression and be the strong person she decided she was going to be. With a happy tone she responded to the boy.


    She returned the boy's handshake and a firm and happy shake. If her attitude was an act or genuine, not even did not Ember know.

    "It’s nice to meet you Enrique, my names Ember, my real name-"

    She took a second before continuing her sentence she laughed before she began speaking.

    "It's been a while since I've said it, I king of almost forgot it.” The girl let a little laugh before continuing, “My real name's Kiran, though I think I'll still be going by Ember around here. I think it's kind of cool – regarding your first question, I can't really! I came here with practically no info." The girl shrugged.

    "I guess you can ask one of the Dark Knight reps." She peered over towards the gate with the knights guarding it. “I can go with you if you decide to go, I’m a bit bored myself honestly.”


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