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    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    Well, if you wanna really keep up with fighting games you gotta buy the updates (which are normally cheaper anyway). Don't see the problem because that time there weren't any ways to update the console version like the arcades did but they couldn't leave the console players (who were an abundance, and arcades were dying by then) in he dust, so the only way was to pretty much release them as new games.

    Kinda baffles me people started complaining about it now though. It's been that way since Street Fighter 2.
    Capcom started it, then Midway followed suit with UMK3 when people complained Scorpion wasn't in MK3. But Capcom is the king of re-releases. IIRC the SNES had SF2, then SF2 Turbo (or something like that) and Super SF2, while the Genesis had the Champion Edition. All those for full retail price, while being the same game just with updates in each iteration. I don't think DLC would've changed that, because why charge $6 for DLC when you can charge $30 for a new game? People buy it anyway. It's the reason EA and Activision keep releasing the same half-assed game with new rosters/weapons year after year instead of refining a platform and adding to it with DLC.

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