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See cc's page buddy he even explained it was a joke in vm's but still poor taste in humor I think. Don't really see how thats acceptable but my behavior is so severe I'm not making jokes about felonies.
I'll put you out of your misery with the explanation. He's not talking about real world sister, but a PC one.

See, on many forums like this one there's a thing called Pairing with members. People also pretend to have family members like a sister or whatnot, which is really just a way to say 'this member is a close friend of mine'. (And if you look at CC's signature, there's links to the members in question too - and you can't claim someone is your so-and-so if they don't agree to it either, for that matter). There's no actual incest happening. The joke is that they probably had that sister status beforehand, then CC changed pairs so hence he 'married his sister'. Given he stated specific member names on his profile, it's clear he's referring to the forum system, not making jokes about actual incest.

Which is pretty different to breaking actual forum rules by posting off-topic to a thread subject, or being rude to other members, which has been what your infractions were for and already discussed with you in PM.

But since he's a mod he's fine, that's the attitude I pick up on around here.
Explain that then, given my above explanation does not mention him being a mod. Any other member that joked about PC family/pairing system? That'd be fine. Seemingly all the problems you are trying to point out are about mods though, even if there's really nothing wrong happening.
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