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    Originally Posted by Reduction View Post
    My thoughts exactly... I can't tell if he's serious. Or...
    Oh, he's serious. Trust me. He believes what he believes and everyone else is wrong. We've been through that circle enough times to see how serious he is about it. A lot of us are trying to ignore the drama unfolding. Admin has already joined in, I think its best to leave it to them since they stepped in.

    @Aerial Ace, Mods aren't the only ones that get away with things. You know for a fact that I have three in particular that I tend to complain about when they get under my skin. They get away with way more due to being subtle enough for it not to fall into infractions.

    We are all humans. Each of us will let things slide that others may not agree with. You've been there when I disagreed and stood against staff decision despite nearly unanimous decisions. We aren't always on the same page and we disagree with how to run our own sections.

    The key to it is always try to discuss the entirety of if to reach a compromise behind closed doors. I've nearly gotten infracted for less than what is going on here. Everyone just needs to chill out. Take the discussion to private venues, that is the only way that it'll be resolved. Current progress will only end in another ban or set of bans depending on who and how many get involved and how they take the information and react. This is not just non-staff members. I've gotten a minor chew out already for one post, but one admin while others don't see the harm in what I posted. A slap on the wrist is what I got, yes, because for what I did that was all that was needed. If I were to continue I'd get an official warning and then an infraction just like any other person.

    Though, this again is not needed for public display. No one wins with self righteous wars against authority. The circle has been passed so many times I look to doing Math homework to keep myself entertained. It may be freshman college algebra, but still, math is a pain in the butt and I am doing it for fun just because of how stressed I feel with this.

    Let's calmly drop the matter, take it to the proper procedures of contacting the Admins since they are now involved. They can deal with all the issues present.

    Oh...also I've shot many brother is forcing me to play Modern Warfare Ghosts before I break my controllers on Final Fantasy. My KTD ratio is horrible D=
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