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I am in fact serious but I apologize for doing in depth with this publicly I will testify that to Pm's and other more private venues. I will only say I've been asking questions trying to find out the line between right and wrong as I firmly believed didn't deserve all three infractions maybe 1 but a couple don't seem to me to cross the lines of unacceptable behavior. That being said I apologize to any boy I may have upset here my intentions were non malicious and I wasn't trying to "demean" or " disrespect" anyone. I will point out however with all the outside interference with ppl(ie. aerial ace) adding in their two cents all against me weather I'm right or wrong it is kinda bullying so with that known my actions were pretty controlled and I didn't get out of control or insulting and overly negative I was trying to be mature and mild mannered as possible.

But again my apologies to those who I got upset that wasn't my intentions.

I like this place and my actions are only to try to improve and understand the community.
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